“Embarking on any new journey can be both terrifying and overwhelming this is especially true when it’s attached to purpose. The fear of others not believing in me and lack of knowledge surrounding the how proved to be paralyzing. God dropped in my spirit to reach out to Elder G. Smith after much deliberation and fear of not being understood or being able to explain what I felt my purpose was. It would be the best decision I could make to put feet to my vision and a voice behind my story. Elder Gerald’s expertise was made evident by the strategic questions he asked in order to trigger my mind into thinking and speaking confidentially. With this confidence fueled by his patient and humble approach I was able to tap into the writer and critical thinker I didn’t know I could be. I am inspired and excited to continue to work with him as I continue this project.”

Tianna Dotson

“Gerald Smith helped me in a few key ways during the writing of my book, Faith in Action: Visionary Leadership in Sports, Business, and Ministry.  The most significant way he helped me was the healthy perspective he was able to provide during the ups and downs of the book publishing process. Nowadays everyone has an opinion but having access to healthy perspective is what is truly needed.  A lack of this can lead to faulty thoughts and feelings which will produce negative actions.  If you want a coach/mentor Smith would certainly be a viable option as his insight and wisdom will help you gain an edge in life.”

Andre Foulks 
Author of Faith in Action: Visionary Leadership in Sports, Business, and Ministry

“Gerald Smith Jr. provided awesome insight on starting a path to becoming a life coach. I am grateful for his wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject matter. He has been an exemplary mentor who helped guide me to the right direction in my future life coaching endeavors.”

Michelle Wiggins